TracerPlus Pro Barcode & RFID Software for Windows Mobile/CE & Android

TracerPlus Pro Barcode & RFID Software for Windows Mobile/CE & Android
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    TracerPlus Professional is data collection software for the user who needs more. With 100 customizable fields, RFID, photo capture, signature capture and wireless connectivity, Pro adds the versatility to TracerPlus needed by the most demanding mobile workforces. Create powerful data collection forms using TracerPlus Desktop: delivery forms, shipping and receiving forms, survey forms, and inspection forms can be created in minutes without programming.

    TracerPlus makes it possible to add various mobile components to preexisting desktop based management systems. With TracerPlus, you can mobilize Fixed Asset Tracking, Mobile Sales, Inventory Management and many other mobile applications can be configured and connected directly to your preexisting databases.

    TracerPlus is user-configurable, giving you complete control to tailor mobile applications to fit your companies specific and changing needs. Rather than forcing your company to conform to a preset process, TracerPlus is flexible enough to mesh with the elements of your business that work.

    Software Features

    • NEW Conditional Logic for custom if/then statements - Watch the Video
    • NEW Date Math allows for date addition/subtraction
    • NEW Deployed Forms auto scale on Android devices to best fit the screen
    • RFID Tag Locator / Geiger Counter - Watch the Video (Requires Motorola "Z" devices)
    • RFID writing support - Watch the Video (Requires Motorola "Z" devices)
    • Instant Report with Email and text message capabilities - Watch the Video
    • RFID Tag Scanning now supports reading multiple tag memory bank
    • Data Lookup capability for all field types
    • SmartForm: Directs scanned data to pre-defined field
    • Dynamic Barcode Parsing
    • 100 Customizable Data Capture Fields
    • 32 Customizable Data Capture Screens
    • Signature and Image Capture
    • Calculated fields with conditional and/or references
    • Native Motorola RFID and Micro Kiosk support
    • GPS Coordinate Capture
    • All features found in TracerPlus Standard

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    FAQ and Support Resources

    TracerPlus Desktop User Guide TracerPlus Desktop User Guide

    Knowledgebase of compiled help and resources for TracerPlus Knowledgebase of compiled help and resources for TracerPlus

    TracerPlus Forum TracerPlus Forum

    TracerPlus Training and Tutorial Videos TracerPlus Training and Tutorial Videos

    System Requirements
    A Mobile Device or Tablet running Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, Windows Embedded CE 6.0, Windows Mobile 6.x, Windows CE 6.0, Windows Mobile 5.x, Windows CE 5.x, Windows Mobile 2003, Android OS 2.2 and up; TracerPlus Desktop is require to create and deploy applications.

    Version numbers of the TracerPlus Mobile Client must match version numbers of TracerPlus Desktop for interoperability.

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