Zebra TC80N0-2000K210NA Mobile Barcode Computer

Zebra TC80N0-2000K210NA Mobile Barcode Computer
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    Code: TC80N0-2000K210NA
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    The Zebra TC80N0-2000K210NA Mobile Barcode Computer has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

    The Zebra TC8000 Standard Touch Computer brings new levels of efficiency to an immense variety of industries with a device that is 33% lighter, offers 40% faster data entry, accounting for 60% less mistakes, all in an innovatively designed form factor. Designed with a front facing screen to eliminate the need to have to scan and lift over and over again to check what you scanned, the TC8000 is made to bring even greater ease to a scanner's routine. Featuring a battery in the handle and in device capacitors so you don't have to power the device down when switching batteries, this device brings incredible efficiency to any industry.

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    • No more physical keypads, the TC8000 features a smooth and responsive touchpad keyboard
    • Designed for wearable or mounted scanning
    • Voice directed with Tekspeech Pro
    • Push-to-talk with Workforce Connect
    • Android KitKat OS
    • A massively long lasting battery suited for three shifts of continuous use
    • PowerPrecision+ allows users to easily spot aging batteries that can no longer hold a full charge.
    • SimulScan Technology allows for the optional scanning of multiple codes with one scan

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    What's Included:

    • Zebra TC8000 Standard w/ 2D Medium Range Imager (SE4750 MR), 1GB/4GB
    • Lithium Ion Battery

    Note: Additional products and software may be required.