Download PTS Mobile Application Software for Android, iOS, and Windows

Thank you for your interest in our TracerPlus Mobile Data Collection Software (RFID and barcode enabled) for Android, iOS, Windows PC, Windows Mobile and Windows CE. All TracerPlus products are available for free trial. TracerPlus Desktop, a Mobile Application Development Tool, is available at no cost for Android, iOS, Windows PC and Windows Mobile / CE application development.

Download TracerPlus Desktop

STEP 1: Get started with TracerPlus Desktop

TracerPlus Desktop allows non-programmers to develop their own mobile apps in minutes. Click Download below and get started today. Click Here to learn more about TracerPlus Desktop.

Version 10.6.1 Build 2113 - Updated 4/23/2023

Learn More about TracerPlus and how it can help your business.

Learn More about TracerPlus and how it can help your business.

TracerPlus Mobile Client

STEP 2: Deploy to your devices with the TracerPlus Client

Included in TracerPlus Desktop, the TracerPlus Client runs on your mobile devices and PCs and is what allows you to collect mobile data. Follow instructions below to install the Client.

TracerPlus Mobile Client Install for Android Devices.

Android - Install from the Google Play Store or download the TracerPlus.apk directly. Click Here for all installation options available for Android.

TracerPlus Mobile Client Install for iOS Devices.

iOS - On your iOS based device open the App Store, search for TracerPlus using the Search menu. Click on TracerPlus when it appears and click the Get button.

TracerPlus Mobile Client Install for Windows Mobile and CE Devices.

Windows Mobile/CE - With your device connected, navigate to the Tools-->Install TracerPlus to Device menu option within TracerPlus Desktop.

TracerPlus Client Install for Windows PCs and Tablets.

Windows PC - Download the TracerPlus Client for the PC here - Download. Double click the file when the download is complete to install

TracerPlus Connect Trial Download

STEP 3: Sync any data, anytime, anywhere with TracerPlus Connect

TracerPlus Connect allows users to easily map and sync data to Text files, Excel Workbooks and ODBC Compliant Databases such as MS Access, Oracle, MySQL and many more.

Click the Download button below to start trialing TracerPlus Connect today. Click Here to learn more about TracerPlus Connect.

Version 10.6.1 Build 2113 - Updated 4/23/2023

Note: TracerPlus for Palm is a legacy product and is not compatible with TracerPlus Desktop or TracerPlus Connect. Click Here to Download TracerPlus for Palm OS mobile software for Janam, Symbol SPT-1500, SPT-1550, SPT-1700 and SPT-1800 barcode terminals.

Supported Past Versions: If you require a previous version of TracerPlus in order to expand existing deployments, Contact Us to purchase licenses. To download trials of previous versions of TracerPlus software, visit:

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