Tracer Palm OS Bar Code Software

Tracer barcode software is an easy to use entry-level mobile data collection solution. Time saving barcode enabled features allow mobile workers to collect simple data, such as serial numbers, in a fraction of the time it might take with pen and paper. Custom field settings allow you to configure the data entry screen to meet your simple data collection needs. Tracer exports a comma delimited file to your PC, so data can easily be linked to your current management system.

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Tracer Features:

  • Barcode enabled fields speed data entry.
  • Four Customizable fields enable users to set up simple applications quickly.
  • Auto date/time stamp capabilities eliminate the need to enter dates with stylus.
  • After scan settings reduce stylus use and speed data entry.
  • Hotsync Tracer data in Text file formats.

Common Applications:

  • Serial Number Scanning / Barcoding
  • Work In Process Barcoding
  • Inventory Scanning
  • Lot Scanning

Compatible Barcode Terminals and PDAs:

Tracer - for Palm OS, The Simple Solution for Barcode Data Collection

Tracer has been discontinued and replaced by our TracerPlus Suite of Products. For more information, visit the TracerPlus Software Page