TracerPlus Connect for Microsoft Excel

Sync your Mobile Field Data with your Excel Spreadsheets

You can finally remove the need for tedious and error-prone re-entry of data that was required to keep your inventory, inspections, asset tracking or other data management processes current.

Designed specifically for businesses that rely on Excel to control and track critical company data, TracerPlus Connect for Microsoft Excel provides fast and easy syncing between your TracerPlus enabled Mobile Devices and your Excel workbooks.

With TracerPlus Connect, you can use your existing Excel records to quickly update your mobile workforce, and just as easily return the latest information back to Excel from your devices at the end of the day.

Because TracerPlus Connect is installed as a toolbar directly into Microsoft Excel, it is even easier to access and configure. The sync process is even simpler, disposing of the time-consuming and cumbersome import processes and replacing them with a quick cradle, click and sync.

TracerPlus Connect for Excel has been Discontinued and replaced by TracerPlus Connect.

TracerPlus Connect for MS Excel