TracerPlus ODBC Link for Windows Mobile/CE

Batch Sync Your Data to Any Database

TracerPlus ODBC Link enables TracerPlus users to mobilize all of their ODBC compliant databases including Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and many more. With TracerPlus ODBC Link, mobile workforce data synchronizations are as simple as cradling the device.

Many inventory management, asset tracking and other enterprise systems do not include a mobile component that fits your organization's requirements. Now you can use TracerPlus ODBC Link to fill this gap. Simply create your mobile forms using TracerPlus Desktop, then connect them to your enterprise database using ODBC Link. It's that simple.

With intuitive data mapping tools it is a breeze to configure and sync data to and from a TracerPlus enabled Barcode Terminal, PDA or other Mobile Device.

TracerPlus ODBC Link has been Discontinued and replaced by TracerPlus Connect.

TracerPlus ODBC Link - Link ODBC Databases to Windows Mobile,CE and Pocket PC