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PTS, the developers of TracerPlus and ClearStream RFID, is a leading supplier of Barcode Data Collection Systems, Mobile RFID Systems and Fixed RFID Systems. With our TracerPlus and ClearStream RFID software - Asset Management, Inventory, Event Tracking, Mobile Invoicing, Equipment Maintenance, Delivery Tracking and Inspection Forms are simple to create, deploy and manage.

PTS TracerPlus software is compatible with Barcode Terminals, RFID Scanners, Handheld Computers, Smartphones and Tablets running Android OS, Windows Mobile and CE.

Latest Barcode and RFID News

Latest Barcode and RFID News

June, 2016 - For Arundel Machine Tool, TracerPlus Precision Matters: With TracerPlus, Arundel is now able to track tools and gages in real time and with 100% accuracy.

May, 2016 - Long Island’s Portable Technology Solutions (PTS) Helps Florida Students Address School Shootings: Gives High School STEM Team the Tools It Needs for a High-Tech Solution.

February, 2016 - RFID Helps Aerospace Factories Manage Small Parts - TracerPlus Featured: Supplier City Solutions' system is designed to help workers easily identify which bins require replenishing, thereby ensuring that no parts run out when needed on the production floor.

January, 2016 - CipherLab USA Announces Strategic Partnership with Portable Technology Solutions (PTS): CipherLab USA today announced the adoption of TracerPlus, developed by PTS, as a recommended development tool for CipherLab models RS30 (Android 4.4), 9700, and CP60 Windows data collection terminals.

September, 2015 - RFID Helps Tile Maker Keep Costs From Going Through the Roof: Thanks to the system, MCA has reduced the amount of time needed to take inventory of its clay roofing tiles by 98 percent.

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