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September, 2017 - PTS Launches ClearStream 4.1 with New Reader Controls

Portable Technology Solutions’ latest version of ClearStream, RFID software that is free to try, boasts new features that allow users to configure just what data they capture from read events, the way they need it.

Calverton, NY: Portable Technology Solutions (PTS) – an industry leader in user-configurable data collection software – has released ClearStream RFID 4.1. This latest release includes powerful new features to allow users to better control how their data is routed within their organization.

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May, 2017 - TracerPlus RFID Software puts Bike Lane in the Fast Lane

How PTS Mobile RFID Software has helped a premier Texas specialty retailer save space, time, and money.

Houston, TX: If you’re in the greater Houston area and looking for a bike, bike gear, or anything cycling related, there’s only one place to go: Shenandoah’s Bike Lane. For more than 20 years, this family-owned business has put itself at the center of the local cycling community by knowing the sport inside and out and by taking the time to share that knowledge with folks who walk in the door.

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April, 2017 - FEIG RAIN Readers Now Compatible With ClearStream RFID Software

The combination of FEIG and ClearSteam makes implementing RFID systems simple and straightforward

Atlanta, GA: FEIG ELECTRONICS INC. continues its drive of straightforward RFID reader configurability and operation by announcing native support from Portable Technology Solutions’ ClearStream RFID software, the only user configurable fixed RFID Software that sets up in minutes to track assets and inventory tags. FEIG readers now work out of the box with ClearStream’s updated version 4.1 software, allowing immediate use of its fixed readers from the simplest reader operations to flexible coverage for the most complex customized enterprise systems.

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March, 2017 - TracerPlus 9.5 Launches with New Features and Expanded Support

Portable Technology Solutions, LLC (PTS) announces the new release of its market-leading TracerPlus mobile data collection software, with added features including web deployment via Wi-Fi or WAN.

Calverton, NY: Ease of use, portability, and broad-based compatibility with both consumer and enterprise-class hardware have helped make TracerPlus the industry leader in mobile data collection. Now, TracerPlus 9.5 builds on these strengths with new features including the ability to deploy TracerPlus desktop projects in the field and native support of the Zebra RFD8500, which can turn any Android handheld device into an RFID reader.

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June, 2016 - For Arundel Machine Tool, TracerPlus Precision Matters

Before and After TracerPlus Mobile Software

Arundel, Maine: Arundel Machine Tool is a leading CNC (Computer Numerical Control) manufacturer, supplying precision-machined components used in complex systems such as aircraft carriers, submarines, aircraft, high-intensity optics, and state-of-the-art medical devices. The nature of Arundel’s work and its status as a supplier to the Department of Defense, US Navy, and Department of Homeland Security mean that its tracking needs go well beyond standard inventory and asset tracking. Arundel needs to provide verification that it regularly calibrates its precision tools and gauges—or, in the jargon of the trade, “gages.”

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May, 2016 - Long Island’s Portable Technology Solutions (PTS) Helps Florida Students Address School Shootings

Gives High School STEM Team the Tools It Needs for a High-Tech Solution

Miami, Fla: With the help of a Long Island company, three Florida high school freshmen are using technology and ingenuity to try to end school shootings. Faced with the challenge of designing a group capstone project for their STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics] class at Scheck Hillel Community Day School in Miami, Florida, Esther Benasayag, Albert Wolak, and Abraham Woldenberg looked to recent headlines and tried to find a way, as they put it, “to save lives.”

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February, 2016 - RFID Helps Aerospace Factories Manage Small Parts - TracerPlus Featured

Supplier City Solutions' system is designed to help workers easily identify which bins require replenishing, thereby ensuring that no parts run out when needed on the production floor.

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla: Tracking small parts used in aircraft manufacturing is a task that requires effort on the part of both suppliers and manufacturers to ensure that those items, such as fasteners or bolts, never run out when needed. At some factories, parts suppliers dispatch personnel to determine what is in stock, while some aircraft manufacturers have their own employees perform an inventory count. In either case, the process is typically carried out visually, sometimes in conjunction with bar-code scans, though that can be time-consuming and could potentially lead to errors.

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January, 2016 - CipherLab USA Announces Strategic Partnership with Portable Technology Solutions (PTS)

CipherLab USA today announced the adoption of TracerPlus, developed by PTS, as a recommended development tool for CipherLab models RS30 (Android 4.4), 9700, and CP60 Windows data collection terminals.

Plano, TX: TracerPlus is an industry leader in mobile data collection, enabling programmers and non-programmers alike to easily build enterprise-class barcode and RFID-enabled applications. Along with expanded compatibility with CipherLab products, the newly released TracerPlus 9.1 features a Publisher Edition that allows users to fully brand and license the applications they develop within the TracerPlus environment.

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December, 2015 - TracerPlus 9.1 Launches with New Publisher Edition

Portable Technology Solutions, LLC (PTS) announces the new release of its market-leading TracerPlus mobile data collection software, with added features and a special edition that allows businesses to brand and license their applications.

Calverton, NY: TracerPlus has become the industry leader in mobile data collection by bridging the gap between custom and off-the-shelf mobile software, allowing programmers and non-programmers alike to build enterprise-class barcode and RFID-enabled applications in minutes. Now, with the new TracerPlus 9.1 Desktop - Publisher Edition, it's just as easy for businesses to fully brand and license the apps they create with this powerful tool.

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September, 2015 - RFID Helps Tile Maker Keep Costs From Going Through the Roof

TracerPlus reduces inventory time from 8 days with 3 people down to a single person in 4 hours

Calverton, NY: Maruhachi Ceramics of America (MCA) is employing a radio frequency identification system to track the locations of 50,000 pallets loaded with products, and has thereby reduced its inventory checking time from three days for eight staff members (a total of approximately 190 hours) to only four hours for a single person. The system—consisting of TracerPlus software provided by Portable Technology Solutions (PTS), passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID tags from Alien Technology, and a Zebra Technologies handheld RFID reader and printer-encoder.

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June, 2015 - For Cammell’s Honey, TracerPlus is the Bee’s Knees

Before and After Success Story with TracerPlus Mobile Software

Calverton, NY: Between their own hives and the stock they buy from other producers, Cammell’s Honey, a New Zealand-based apiarist and merchant, has a lot of honey to keep track of. And not just honey but also the unique UMF Active Manuka honey they sell, produced from the nectar of the Manuka flower that is native to New Zealand. They knew they needed a scanner solution for their specialized inventory needs.

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April, 2015 - Portable Technology Solutions Achieves Zebra Technologies Validation

ClearStream RFID 3.0 fixed RFID software validated by Zebra Technologies for full, proven compatibility with industry-leading RFID readers

Calverton, NY: Portable Technology Solutions (PTS) announced today that it has successfully completed Zebra Technologies' Validated Program for its ClearStream RFID software. This designation indicates to customers and partners that ClearStream RFID was thoroughly and successfully tested for performance and functionality with select Zebra RFID devices.

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December, 2014 - The Difference a Decade Makes

First Employees at LI Tech Company Reflect on 10 Years in Mobile

Calverton, NY: When Joseph Kraebel became Portable Technology Solutions' (PTS) first hire in June 2004, he found himself in a situation familiar to anyone who's experienced the "romance" of working on a tech startup: “It was the middle of summer and we had about 150 Palm OS barcode terminals,” he says, referring to what was then the industry standard “We were in an upstairs office with no AC, and we had to put batteries in each unit, load it with our software, test it, and repackage it.” Ten years later, what does he remember most about the experience...

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December 11, 2013 - RFID Takes the Strain Out of Testing Minnesota's Roadbeds

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) employs RFID to pinpoint the locations of sensors buried within roadways using TracerPlus

Dec 11, 2013: The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) is employing radio frequency identification to pinpoint the locations of sensors buried within roadways. The sensors, which measure strain and pressure levels, are used to test the performance of a variety of roadway materials, mixes and application methods. To date, the agency has installed only four tags into its pavement test tracks as part of its MnROAD project, says Bob Strommen, a research systems integrator at MnDOT, but now that the tags have proven their performance, the agency intends to deploy them to locate new strain or pressure sensors as they are installed, and it may also opt to use the technology for other purposes as well.

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June 26, 2013 - RFID Reduces Labor, Errors for Cemetery Monument Firm

Sprung Memorial Group has cut the amount of time required for its inventory audits by 96 percent using the Motorola MC319Z and TracerPlus

Jun 26, 2013: Sprung Memorial Group, a retailer of granite headstones and monuments, is employing EPC Gen 2 passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID tags and handheld readers to track the cemetery monuments it stores, engraves and ships to customers. This not only reduces the amount of time that employees spend searching for inventory, but also ensures that the proper stone is always used for each order. The solution, provided by Microcomputer Consulting Group (MCG) and TracerPlus, has reduced the length of time required for Sprung's inventory audits by 96 percent.

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