Barcode and RFID Software - PTS TracerPlus and ClearStream RFID

TracerPlus - Mobile Barcode and RFID Software

TracerPlus enables you to create custom mobile Barcode and RFID apps in minutes without programming in 3 easy steps. First, create your application with TracerPlus Desktop, then deploy and run your app to a wide variety of mobile devices with the TracerPlus Mobile Client. Lastly, sync your collected data to the destination of your choice with TracerPlus Connect.

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ClearStream RFID - Fixed RFID Software

ClearStream RFID is the only user-configurable fixed RFID software that can be setup in minutes to track assets, items and people and connect it back to the database of your choice. ClearStream also offers an industry first RFID Virtual Site Survey that enables you to simulate a test environment without physical readers, antennas and tags.

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PTS Services and Support

PTS offers everything you need to get your mobile barcode, mobile RFID and fixed RFID solutions up and running. These services include Application setup, print and email reports and personalized 1-on-1 training. PTS also offers Support Agreements that give you unlimited access to our support team and free software upgrades.

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Support and Services for PTS Barcode and RFID Software