RFID Kits Featuring TracerPlus Data Collection Software

PTS RFID Data Collection Kits are great for increasing the speed and accuracy of your data collection processes by utilizing the latest in RFID technology as well as barcode scanning technology. PTS RFID kits are a great solution for asset management, inventory control and work-in-process applications.

Including PTS's TracerPlus RFID software, each application (Session) is capable of collecting data in a batch mode or sharing data in real time to unique databases via LAN connections. TracerPlus Connect is required in order to run TracerPlus applications in wireless mode.

RFID Data Collection Kits Include:

  • USB communications and charging cradle
  • TracerPlus Professional RFID Data Collection Software
  • TracerPlus Desktop Mobile Project Design Tool
  • Starter kits include 100 RFID Tags

RFID Success Stories with TracerPlus:

Motorola MC9090Z RFID enabled mobile device

Product Image
Product Name
PTS Android RFID App Developer Starter Kit with TracerPlus, TC20 and RFD2000
Part Number: PTS-TC20RF-DKIT
Quantity in basket: None
Price: $2,550.00
Zebra RFD8500 Mobile RFID TracerPlus Add on Kit
Part Number: ZEB-RFD8500-TPP
Quantity in basket: None
Price: $1,570.00
Zebra MC9190-Z Mobile RFID Kit featuring TracerPlus RFID Software
Part Number: SYM-MC919Z-RFID
Quantity in basket: None
Price: $4,085.00
RFID Starter Kit - Featuring the MC9190-Z RFID Reader, Software &Tags
Quantity in basket: None
Price: $6,815.00