U Grok It GR-1-5-915 Mobile RFID Reader

U Grok It GR-1-5-915 Mobile RFID Reader
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    The U Grok It Grokker is a low-cost, entry level mobile RFID reader. U Grok It connects via a smart device's audio port and also features a rechargeable battery and adjustable power level from 5-30 dBm. The U Grok It is perfect for businesses looking to get started in RFID or looking for a low-cost method to add RFID into their repertoire.


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    The U Grok It handheld reader/writer is lightweight, easy to use, and works with iOS, Android, and Windows smart devices. With a 6-25' (2-7m) read range and the read speed and accuracy you require, U Grok It allows you to:

    • Identify and track items
    • Read and write all RAIN (UHF Gen 2) RFID tags
    • Track the attributes for tagged items
    • Quickly locate RFID items
    • Inventory groups of items with ease

    Grokker Full Product Information Full Product Information - PDF

    U Grok It Technology U Grok It Technology - PDF

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