Impinj IPJ-A6010-000 R700 8-Port Antenna Hub

Impinj IPJ-A6010-000 R700 8-Port Antenna Hub
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    The Impinj R700 antenna hub expands the number of antennas that can connect to an Impinj R700 reader by allowing eight antennas to connect to one antenna port for a total of 32 antennas per reader.


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    When used in conjunction with ClearStream RFID Software, R700 installs can be configured to handle the the toughest RFID reading environments. With a capacity of up to 32 antennas per reader RFID installs including high volume inventory check-in and check-out and large volume employee mustering are handled with the fewest readers.


    • Hassle-free operation of 5-32 antennas when connected to a single high-performance R700 Revolution reader and GPIO Adapter.
    • Robust and easy to install design with system level feedback for reliable installations in real world conditions.
    • Enclosed electronics board with mounting tabs.
    • LEDs for system level feedback.
    • Software alerts/health diagnostics.
    • All of the performance benefits of the Speedway Revolution reader without the need to learn a new API or make extensive programming changes.
    • With the R700 Antenna Hub, Impinj makes RFID monitoring applications, including smart shelves, interactive marketing displays, and document or item tracking, cost-effective and easy to deploy.

    Impinj Antenna Hub Specs Impinj Antenna Hub Specs

    Impinj Antenna Hub Quick Start Guide Impinj Antenna Hub Quick Start Guide

    Impinj Antenna Hub User Guide Impinj Antenna Hub User Guide

    What's Included:

    • Antenna Hub, 8 Ports - IPJ-A6010-000

    Note: Requires a single GPIO Adapter (IPJ-A6051-000) and Standard Cat 5 patch cables for connecting each Antenna Hub to the GPIO Adapter.

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