ClearStream Fixed RFID & Bluetooth Beacon Software

ClearStream Fixed RFID & Bluetooth Beacon Software
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    ClearStream is a Zebra Validated Solution for the FX7500, FX9500 and FX9600 readers.

    ClearStream Overview
    ClearStream is simple to configure Fixed RFID Reading and Bluetooth Beacon Tracking Software that can be used to track virtually anything. ClearStream is not the typical bloated RFID & Beacon solution with features that only the biggest organizations need or can afford.

    RFID & Beacon Software that Can Be Customized without Programming
    ClearStream can be configured by ANYONE to connect real time RFID and BLE Beacon data with any pre-existing database (MS Access, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle) and even connect data to Excel Worksheets. With Custom Endpoints and RESTful API support, you can send data to web services, send emails and control readers from anywhere.

    Compatible with Most RFID & BLE Hardware and Includes an Emulator
    Not only can you set up ClearStream quickly with RFID & Beacon Hardware of any make or model, it even includes emulation tools that allow users to quickly create a virtual test environment.

    Highlighted Features:

    Version 6.5 Now Available - Download a Free Trial >>

    Software Features

    • New in 6.5 - Added support for Minew Bluetooth Gateway.
    • New in 6.5 - Added support for Cognex scanners/devices.
    • New in 6.5 - Beacon filtering options added for all gateway types.
    • New in 6.5 - Added support for Feig notification mode (works similarly to a BLE gateway).
    • Support for Bluetooth BLE Beacons.
    • custom template destination data provider, allowing events to be sent to Email and URL web services.
    • REST web services API to control devices, view events, and interact with devices.
    • Tag Moderation and settable Tag Events allow more control over what tags get read to the database and how they get read.
    • Self-Healing and System Notifications - Simultaneously heals RFID readers and sends status updates to IT administrators.
    • Custom fields with data parsing enables you to capture additional info during tag reads.
    • Improved date time precision for more exact reporting of when a tag was read.
    • Single reader multi destination architecture - Send tag information to multiple data sources simultaneously.
    • RFID Virtual Site Survey - allows for testing of tags, and readers in a virtual environment.
    • Readers can scan the TID, and User memory banks of a tag.
    • Fields collected by the reader include EPC, TID, User Memory, Antenna, PeakRSSI, Date/Time, Reader Name, Start Event, Count and Tag Event (Zebra Only).
    • ASCII conversion of EPC, and user memory as tags are read.
    • Supports Zebra and Alien Readers natively and all other readers supporting LLRP including Impinj, Intermec, IFM, JADAK, and ThingMagic.
    • Stream RFID & BLE data to ODBC Compliant Databases including SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PotsgresSQL and Microsoft Access and many more.
    • ClearStream RFID On-Board - Runs directly on the reader, supports the Zebra FX7500, and FX9600 devices.

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    FAQ and Support Resources

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    System Requirements
    A PC, Laptop or Server running Windows 7/8/10 or Windows Server 2008/2012/2016 and 250MB of free space.

    Most fixed RFID readers running LLRP and the following: Zebra FX7400/FX7500/FX9500/FX9600, Feig LRU1002/LRU3000/LRU3500/MRU102/MR102/UD500, Alien ALR-F800/9650/9680/9900+, Impinj Speedway R220/R420, Intermec IF2/IF61 and ThingMagic Mercury 6/IZAR/Sargas. Bluetooth Beacon Gateways including the BlueCats Edge Relay and BLUEPYC BLE Industrial Gateways.

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