ClearStream Fixed RFID & Bluetooth Beacon Software

ClearStream Fixed RFID & Bluetooth Beacon Software
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    The ClearStream Fixed RFID & Bluetooth Beacon Software has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

    ClearStream Overview
    ClearStream is simple to configure Fixed RFID Reading and Bluetooth Beacon Tracking Software that can be used to track virtually anything. ClearStream is not the typical bloated RFID & Beacon solution with features that only the biggest organizations need or can afford.

    RFID & Beacon Software that Can Be Customized without Programming
    ClearStream can be configured by ANYONE to connect real time RFID and BLE Beacon data with any pre-existing database (MS Access, MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle) and even connect data to Excel Worksheets. With Custom Endpoints and RESTful API support, you can send data to web services, send emails and control readers from anywhere.

    Compatible with Most RFID & BLE Hardware and Includes an Emulator
    Not only can you set up ClearStream quickly with RFID & Beacon Hardware of any make or model, it even includes emulation tools that allow users to quickly create a virtual test environment.

    Highlighted Features:

    ClearStream Perpetual Licenses have been replaced by our Subscription Plans >>