Metalcraft RFID-2714-1 2.75 x .75 Universal Mini RFID Tag

Metalcraft RFID-2714-1 2.75 x .75 Universal Mini RFID Tag
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    The only thing "mini" about this tag is its size! With a smaller footprint and lower profile, the Universal Mini RFID Asset Tag easily fits where other tags may be too large and obtrusive and still gives incredible read ranges compared to other tags in its class.

    The Universal Mini RFID Asset Tag is a surface-independent tag that uses a patented inlay design and passive RFID technology to obtain excellent read ranges regardless of the surface – Metal, Plastic, Cardboard, Glass and even Wood.

    Subsurface printing on this tag's durable polyester protects printed copy against moderate solvents and caustics/acids.

    We recommend using the Universal Mini RFID Label on the following items:

    • Laptops and Tablets
    • PCs and Servers
    • Glass Surfaces
    • Plastic Items
    • Wood Surfaces

    Note: Sold in rolls 500 labels and includes Printing/encoding along with the use of 2 colors. If you wish to order a qty of 1000, simply add a qty of 2 to the basket and so on for additional 500 increments.

    Metalcraft RFID-2714-1 Tag Specifications

    • Inlay: Universal Mini H3 Inlay-Folded
    • Layer 1: 2 mil Indigo Clear PET
    • Layer 2: Double Coated 2 Mil White PET Carrier
    • Adhesive: MC78 2 mil- film liner
    • Label Dimensions: 2.75 x 0.75 inches
    • Label Profile (thickness): 0.047 inches

    Read Range Test: In many cases the tags read intermittently for longer distances than those indicated, however, the results reported below were for continuously responding reads.

    • On Metal - 13.47 feet
    • On Plastic - 6.8 feet
    • On Cardboard - 6 feet
    • On Wood - 9.67 feet
    • On Glass - 13.33 feet

    MetalCraft Universal Mini Product Information Full Product Information - PDF

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