Aceeca Meazura Rugged Digital Assistant

Aceeca Meazura™ Rugged Digital Assistant

Built Tough. The Meazura™ Rugged Digital Assistant (RDA) combines the flexibility of the Palm OS® with rugged durability. Built to IP67 standards, the Meazura™ RDA is completely resistant to dust ingress, and is the world’s first waterproof (not just resistant) Palm Powered™ device. The Meazura™ RDA is the perfect solution for users that need powerful computing performance regardless of their working environment. It is commonly used for asset tracking and check in check out applications.

For reliability, you can’t beat the Palm OS®, found in over 30 million portable devices worldwide. The Palm OS® is recognized as the world leader for its reliability and ease of use.

Mobile professionals, couriers, engineers, manufacturers, maintenance contractors, paramedics, construction workers, farmers. These are just a sample of users that will benefit from the rugged build and computing power of the Meazura™ RDA. The Meazura™ RDA features an ultra long-life lithium-ion battery pack, ensuring days of continuous use.

The Meazura™ RDA is an ideal hardware option for business automation solutions. Featuring the MZIO™ Expansion Bus, the Meazura™ RDA offers users unparalleled hardware flexibility.

Aceeca Products are Discontinued and no longer available for sale. Please see our Barcode Scanners for alternative devices.