Aceeca ID Verifi Laser Barcode Scanner

Aceeca ID::VERIFI™

Laser Barcode Scanner - Affordable Scanning Solution

The ID::VERIFI™ Laser Barcode Scanner combines the rugged durability and computing performance of the Meazura™ platform with high end data capture technology. Featuring a powerful Laser Barcode Scanning engine, the ID::VERIFI™ Laser Barcode Scanner is an ideal solution for data capture activities that require consistent and accurate performance.

Based on the Meazura™ platform, which is sealed to IP67 Standards, the ID::VERIFI™ Laser Barcode Scanner is the world’s first waterproof, Palm Powered™ Barcode Scanner. Asset managers, couriers, cattle farmers, mobile sales professionals, meter readers; these are just a sample of users that would benefit from using the ID::VERIFI™ Laser Barcode Scanner.

The ID::VERIFI™ Laser Barcode Scanner is Palm Powered™, meaning that users have access to one of the world’s largest developer communities and the 20,000+ applications they have produced, including world class barcode capture software.

For reliability, you can’t beat Palm OS®, found in over 30 million portable devices worldwide. Palm OS® is recognized as the world leader for its reliability and ease of use.

Aceeca Products are Discontinued and no longer available for sale. Please see our Barcode Scanners for alternative devices.