FIRE FIGHTER IN-A-BOX - Inspections for Fire Departments and Safety Inspectors

The PTS Fire Fighter In-A-Box kit is a field ready data collection system for performing Hydrant and Building Safety Inspections. Designed specifically for Fire Departments, Water Authorities and private contractors, these kits are tough enough to withstand the harshest of environments. Although the included apps may be sufficient for most users we do realize inspection requirements vary from state to state. Because of this we are including a custom session setup for any data collection form such as equipment readiness, to be done in house by a PTS representative.

About the Apps:

TracerPlus Fire Master Hydrant Inspection - This application allows physical inspection of fire hydrants while also calculating Measured flow based off of pressure readings.

TracerPlus Fire Master Building Inspection - This application is a ready-made building safety inspection that retains the ability to be customized to specific locations.

Fire Fighter In-A-Box Kits Include:

Fire Fighter In-A-Box Kit
FireFighter In-A-Box

Fire Fighter In-A-Box

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