Tracer - Barcode Scanning Software for Pocket PC

Compatible with Windows Mobile and CE.Net Symbol Barcode Terminals

Collect barcode data quickly and affordably on Windows Mobile Barcode Terminals with Tracer barcode scanning software. Tracer's unique features will speed up barcode collection time. Tracer is the right solution for simple inventory audits, serial number scanning and lot tracking. All data collected in Tracer can be exported as a comma delimited file to your PC.

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Tracer Features:

  • Barcode enabled fields speed data entry.
  • Customizable field labels allow users to configure Tracer to meet their own needs.
  • Auto date/time stamp capabilities eliminate the need to enter dates with stylus.
  • After scan settings reduce stylus use and speed data entry.
  • Sync Tracer data in Text file formats and link your data to most programs including Microsoft Access and Excel.

Common Applications:

  • Inventory Receiving
  • Inventory Issuing
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Inventory Audits

Compatible PDA Devices:

  • Most PDAs and Barcode Terminals Windows CE versions 3.0 and greater
  • Most PDAs Barcode Terminals Windows Mobile 20003, Windows Mobile 5.0, and CE.Net
  • Symbol PPT 2700 Series
  • Symbol PPT 2800 Series
  • Symbol PPT 8800 Series
  • Symbol PDT 8100 Series
  • Symbol MC50 Series
  • Symbol MC3000 Series
  • Symbol MC9000 Series
  • Symbol MC9060 Series
  • Symbol Symbol MC9090
  • Symbol SPS 3000 Barcode Module
Invertory Audit with Tracer for Pocket PC

Tracer has been discontinued and replaced by our TracerPlus Suite of Products. For more information, visit the TracerPlus Software Page