Mobile Data Integration Options Using TracerPlus

There is no need for a costly redesign of your entire system in order to add mobility. TracerPlus' Mobile Data Integration Tools work with the systems you already have in place. Whether you run a complex system using SQL Server or Oracle, use Microsoft Access, or simply manage your data with Excel Spreadsheets or Text files, TracerPlus can integrate with ease.

Out of the box, the TracerPlus Mobile Client allows the Importing and Exporting of Text and CSV files. This works well for some folks but we find that most organizations want complete control of how and where there data comes from. Because of this, PTS offers an all in one syncing tool called TracerPlus Connect. TracerPlus Connect allows businesses of any size to sync data in batch, wireless or Real-time to Most ODBC Databases, Microsoft Excel sheets and Text files.

Highlighted Features of TracerPlus Connect:

  • Choose how you sync data: Batch via Ethernet Cradle, Wireless Batch or Real-Time data Posting.
  • Setup timed syncs allowing for unattended automated data syncing.
  • Add conditions to limit when data can be synced.
  • Sync data to a Local PC, Laptop, Server or Virtual Machine.
  • Sync with ODBC databases including SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access and more.
  • Sync to multiple Excel workbooks and sheets.

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