Confidex 3003597 Viking Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon

Confidex 3003597 Viking Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon
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    Confidex Viking Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon for industrial identifying, sensing and locating applications. This beacon is TAA Compliant.


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    Confidex Viking Bluetooth beacons track the location of assets and people, with optional sensors for capturing environmental data. The market leader for industrial wireless identification, Confidex designed the Viking product line to be a modular beacon family that raises the bar for industrial asset tracking, indoor, outdoor locating and sensor telemetry applications.

    The Confidex Viking Bluetooth beacon is Rugged, Modular, offers secure and tamper proof BLE, and most of all is desgined to last.

    Confidex Viking supports following Eddystone frame types:

    • Eddystone-UID frame broadcasts 16-byte Beacon ID composed of a 10-byte namespace and a 6-byte instance.
    • Eddystone-URL frame broadcasts a URL using a compressed encoding format.
    • Eddystone-TLM frame broadcasts telemetry information as temperature.
    • Eddystone-EID frame broadcasts and encrypted ephemeral identifier that changes periodically. Eddystone-EID frame operating mode requires service for resolving the ephemeral ID.
    • iBeacon advertise 16 bytes UUID, 2 bytes Major, and 2 bytes Minor.
    • Accelerometer frame (optional) is a proprietary advertising packet which broadcasts Confidex Viking acceleration statistics and activity.

    Scan and Track Beacons with TracerPlus Mobile Software

    ClearStream Software for reading of Bluetooth Beacons using fixed Gateways

    How to Enable and Configure Confidex Viking Beacons

    Viking Spec Sheet - PDF

    Note: Priced per beacon. Minimum order qty of 30. You must add a min qty of 30 to the cart.

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