Zebra CR90-3S4T-TC5-M-01 RFD90 TC52/57 3-Slot Communication Cradle

Zebra CR90-3S4T-TC5-M-01 RFD90 TC52/57 3-Slot Communication Cradle
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    3 Slot Communication Cradle for charging up to 3 Zebra RFD90 Sleds with TC52/TC57 devices and also provides Ethernet connectivity. Includes pre-installed 4 slot battery charger for charging up to 4 RFD90 batteries.


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    Cradle provides Ethernet communications to each RFD90 to enable management, firmware updating and device health. Cradle will charge up to three RFD90 and TC5X pairings and supports:

    • RFD90 charging by itself
    • TC52/TC57 charging by itself
    • Both RFD90 and TC52/TC57 when attached together
    • Also charges up to four spare RFD90 batteries

    What's Included:

    • Three Slot Charge-Communication ShareCradle - RFD90 and TC52/TC57

    Notes: Charging requires Power Supply (PWR-BGA12V108W0WW), DC Line Cord (CBL-DC-382A1-01) and AC Line Cord (23844-00-00R).

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