Panasonic FZ-SVTCVHHUC3YS FZ-L1 / FZ-T1 3yr Ultimate Care Service

Panasonic FZ-SVTCVHHUC3YS FZ-L1 / FZ-T1 3yr Ultimate Care Service
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    Protect your Panasonic FZ-L1 and FZ-T1 Toughbooks with Ultimate Care service with Comprehensive coverage for 3 years. Must be purchased within 30 days of device purchase.


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    Ultimate Care Highlights:

    For organizations that operate in extremely challenging environments and those who simply wish to minimize risk, this warranty offers the ultimate peace of mind. Unlike the Protection Plus plan, which covers one major repair per year, the Ultimate Care plan allows you to break your device over and over again - all repairs will be covered.

    What it Covers:

    Ultimate Care entitles the user to complete warranty coverage for hardware failures with a limitation only on intentional acts and on damage from events beyond human control (such as fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, loss and reported theft), which are capped at a maximum of 1% of the total deployment.

    To eliminate unexpected costs and improve the logistics around warranty repairs, those units needing repair are shipped overnight at Panasonic's expense to and from our National Service Center. Covered devices that cannot be repaired are replaced with a new unit, which assumes the remainder of the Ultimate Care Warranty coverage and will be returned with the same model and serial number as the destroyed unit. Panasonic is proud to be one of the only OEM providers that offers our customers this service.

    Furthermore, the Ultimate Care Warranty can be customized to provide a service-level guarantee for dead on arrival, help-desk call waiting time, turn-around time at the Panasonic National Service Center, and even annual unit failure rates.

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