TracerPlus Desktop Publisher Edition - Your Brand, Your License, Your Price

TracerPlus Desktop Publisher Edition - Your Brand, Your License, Your Price
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    TracerPlus Desktop Publisher Edition gives Mobile Application Creators all of the features available in the Free Version of TracerPlus Desktop PLUS a complete mobile app branding and licensing system:

    Your Brand
    Resellers, Integrators, ISVs and End Users - If you need your Brand on your mobile applications because they are customer facing, being resold or you just think it makes sense, TracerPlus Desktop Publisher edition is the solution for you.

    Your License
    Resellers, Integrators, ISVs and End Users often add their own IP into TracerPlus Applications. Beyond normal password protection Publisher enables you to create your own license for your application so ONLY YOU can provide unlock codes to your internal and external users. With Publisher you are protected from Competitors and Customers trying to steal your IP.

    Your Price
    Reseller, Integrators and ISVs often invest heavily into their mobile applications. Marketing, Installation support and countless other hidden expenses exist that may need to be accounted for in your Mobile License pricing. If this is you, Publisher is the solution that has a built in licensing system that enables you to set your own license pricing structure.

    TracerPlus Desktop Publisher Edition Includes the Following:

    • TracerPlus Desktop Publisher License
    • 1 Hour* of Jump Start Training

    * Jump Start Training must be used within 4 weeks of purchase.

    Note: Publisher requires the current version of TracerPlus, thus requiring you to keep up to date with publisher maintenance to remain on latest versions.

    Software Features

    • Re-brand TracerPlus Apps for Android devices and tablets
    • Re-brand TracerPlus Splash Screen items including Application Image, Company Logo, Company name and Website
    • Re-brand TracerPlus Launcher Screen items including Application Name,Launcher Image and Launcher Icons
    • Re-brand TracerPlus About Screen items including Application Name and Image, Company Logo, Company Name, Website and email
    • Re-brand the Application Icon and Shortcut Name
    • Create your own Product ID so only your registration codes work (Standard TracerPlus Codes will not work)
    • Create different project revisions to easily manage changes
    • Create .apk files for android installs or .aab files for upload to the Google PlayStore
    • Sell your branded apps on any platform and at your price

    Download a free trial >>

    FAQ and Support Resources

    TracerPlus Desktop User Guide TracerPlus Desktop User Guide

    Knowledgebase of compiled help and resources for TracerPlus Knowledgebase of compiled help and resources for TracerPlus

    TracerPlus Community Forum TracerPlus Community Forum

    TracerPlus Training and Tutorial Videos TracerPlus Training and Tutorial Videos

    System Requirements
    Windows 7/8/10/11; 300 MB free disk space; A device running Android OS; Trial or licensed version of the TracerPlus Client.

    Version numbers of TracerPlus Desktop must match version numbers of the TracerPlus client for interoperability.

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