RFmini RFID Power Indicator - Test Radiated Power and Polarity

RFmini RFID Power Indicator - Test Radiated Power and Polarity
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    The RFmini RFID Power Indicator is used to test radiated power and polarity with its red LED. This indicator also helps you assess the performance and optimal placement of your RFID antennas.


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    What can it do:

    • Detects which antenna is transmitting.
    • Range at 2W ERP (3.28W EIRP) is 4 meters in free space.
    • Shows approximate RADIATED POWER. ERP EIRP.
    • Tests polarization of antennas. Linear, circular and cross polarized.
    • Test approximate beam angle of antennas.
    • Pulses to show notify time and other transmit interruptions.
    • Find antenna sweet spot for programming and beam angle.
    • Detects multiplexing.

    RFMAX Full Specifications RFmini Full Specifications - PDF

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