Datalogic EASEOFCARE Service (PTS Recommended)

Datalogic Mobile understands that speed is of the essence and offers a wide and complete range of post-sales services to protect your investment in mobile products, making your data capture systems more efficient, by minimizing downtime and service costs, plus maximizing operator productivity.

EASEOFCARE, the new service offered by Datalogic Mobile, has been enhanced with exciting new benefits at a cost effective price. Along with the new deliverables, Datalogic Mobile now offers 5 year contracts in addition to the 3 year contracts at the time of product sales. Furthermore, all the Ease of Care programs also include the Wavelink TE and Avalanche software maintenance for the same duration of the contract.

The new Datalogic Mobile Service Program is aimed to:

  • Make your business simpler
  • Improve your service levels
  • Involve customers into partnerships instead of sales transactions
  • Increase your satisfaction
  • Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership

**Note: The 3 and 5 year Service contracts must be purchased within 60 days of device purchase. 1 year of continuous coverage is for units that have been continually maintained by Datalogic Mobile via product warranty or maintenance contract. If you are out of warranty or service contract, then only the 5 day service level in 1 year non-continuous coverage is available.

Datalogic Barcode Terminal Service Plans

Product Image
Product Name
Datalogic ZSC2MEM31 Warranty
Part Number: ZSC2MEM31
Quantity in basket: None
Price: $195.00
Datalogic ZSC2MEMC1 Warranty
Part Number: ZSC2MEMC1
Quantity in basket: None
Price: $95.00