Janam XM66 and XM60+ - Power, Performance and Price Advantage

Designed to deliver maximum return on investment, Janam’s XM Series mobile computers are feature-rich yet affordable. These rugged handhelds deliver advanced barcode scanning, robust WLAN communication and long battery life. With the latest, most powerful Freescale processor and double data rate (DDR) memory, the XM66 and XM60+ bring impressive horsepower to the point of activity with features designed for the front line and a price that drives the bottom line. Janam’s XM Series are at the head of its class.

Like all Janam products, the XM Series features integrated 1D barcode scanning and built-in 2D barcode scanning capability. Janam’s 2D scanning solution enables users to upgrade barcode scanning functionality from 1D to 1D/2D on any device at any time with a simple firmware upgrade. So regardless of the type of barcode used today, Janam’s mobile computers offer the flexibility to adapt as business needs change. It’s technology at work.

Janam XM Series Highlighted Features:

  • Microsoft® Windows Mobile ® 6.1 or Windows CE 5.0
  • High performance barcode scanning
  • Small and light – under 10 ounces
  • 802.11 and Bluetooth available
  • Full 3.5” color display
  • Powerful computing performance with its Freescale™ i.MX31-533MHz processor
  • User accessible microSD memory slot
  • Sealed to IP54 Category II standards
  • Withstands multiple 4’/1.2m drops to concrete
Janam XM60+ / XM66 Barcode Terminals

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The Janam XM60 Series has been discontinued and replaced with the new XM70 series. Call 1-877-640-4152 for replacement details.

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