Symbol MT2000 Data Collection Systems - A new breed of mobile kits

The MT2000 Barcode Kits feature the intelligence of a mobile computer coupled with the simplicity of a barcode scanner. Featuring Symbol's ultra-ergonomic gun-style MT2000 and PTS' TracerPlus data collection software, the PTS MT2000 kits are highly flexible and capable of streamlining many scan-intensive business processes in a wide variety of industries.

The Symbol MT2000 Series exemplifies Motorola’s expertise in industrial design. The handle-forward design balances easily in your hand and combined with a gun form factor, provides all day comfort to even the most scan-intensive applications. The shift-able alphanumeric keypad helps ensure easy data entry regardless of whether your applications require primarily numeric, text-based entry or both. Soft keys enable the completion of a wide range of actions with the single press of a button.

Symbol MT2000 Data Collection Kits Include:

  • Symbol MT2070 / MT2090 Barcode Terminal
  • TracerPlus Professional Data Collection Software
  • TracerPlus Desktop Mobile Project Design Tool
  • Syncing and Recharge Cradle
  • Optional Software and Hardware Support / Maintenance Agreements
Symbol MT2090 Barcode Kit

Symbol MT2000 Phaser Barcode Kits featuring TracerPlus Software

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