TracerPlus Easy Asset Kits featuring Datalogic Barcode Terminals

TracerPlus Easy Asset is a solution created to enable businesses of any size to take control of their fixed assets. With pre-configured forms for asset tracking, the PTS Easy Asset kits are ready to use minimizing start-up costs and downtime.

About the App
Powered by TracerPlus, Easy Asset allows you to accurately track the current location and condition of all your organizations assets. Giving you the ability to audit existing assets or add New, TracerPlus Easy Asset speeds data collection and reduces costly errors. As with all TracerPlus software, data collected on the device integrates seamlessly with existing back-end databases.

PTS Easy Asset Kits Include:

  • Datalogic Memor or Skorpio Barcode Terminal
  • USB Cradle/Cable and Power Supply
  • Easy Asset Application - Designed specifically for the Datalogic Memor and Skorpio
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Optional Software and Hardware Support / Maintenance Agreements
PTS Easy Asset Data Collection kits

TracerPlus Easy Asset kits featuring Datalogic Mobile Terminals

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