PTS ES400 Easy Kits powered by TracerPlus - Affordable and Easy to use

PTS ES400 Easy App Kits transform an Electronic Digital Assistant into your very own Electronic Inventory and Delivery Assistant. With ES400 applications pre-installed, the ES400 Easy App Kits come ready to go with two mobile applications perfect for any small business.

About the Apps:

Inventory App - This application allows you to accurately track incoming and outgoing inventory as well as manage your stock on-hand.

Delivery App - This application provides an accurate way to deliver multiple packages and goods to end users while capturing a single signature.

PTS ES400 Easy Kits Include:

  • Motorola ES400 w/ Windows Mobile 6.5, Camera and Dual 3.5G WAN
  • USB Cradle with Cable and Power Supply
  • ES400 Inventory App
  • ES400 Delivery App
  • Optional Software and Hardware Support / Maintenance Agreements
PTS ES400 Easy Data Collection Kits
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