Motorola TC55 Mobile BarCode Systems - Includes BarCode Software

The Motorola TC55 Mobile Barcode Kit, featuring TracerPlus Mobile Software, enables customers of any type to start collecting mobile data at an affordable price. The Motorola TC55 is a rugged Android OS device built for all-day every day enterprise use while maintaining the look, feel and functionality of more popular consumer devices and smartphones. With the TC55's Enterprise class data capture features and PTS TracerPlus data collection software, you can scan barcodes, take pictures and capture geo codes, all while transmitting this data to the back-end system of your choice over Wi-Fi or Wan / Cellular.

TracerPlus is a Zebra Enterprise Validated Solution for the TC55

Motorola TC55 Mobile Barcode Systems Include:

  • Motorola TC55 1D Barcode Terminal with WiFi, WAN and Android 4.1.2 OS
  • TracerPlus Standard or Professional Mobile Barcode Software
  • TracerPlus Desktop Mobile Project Design Tool
  • Syncing and charge Cables
  • 2 Year Service From the Start Hardware Support (No Comprehensive)
  • Optional Software Support / Maintenance Agreements Available
Motorola TC55 mobile barcode kit with TracerPlus software

Have a Device? Try our TracerPlus software

Get TracerPlus on google play and scan barcodes with your Android devices.   Download a trial and start developing mobile barcode and RFID apps.

The Zebra / Motorola TC55 has been discontinued and replaced with the Zebra TC51 and TC56. Purchase the TC51 Kit for WLAN applications and the TC56 Kit for WWAN applications.

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