Panasonic FZ-N1 ToughPad Mobile Barcode Computers

Come at your work from a different angle with the Panasonic FZ-N1 ToughPad Mobile Barcode Computer. Slim, lightweight, powerful, the fully-rugged Panasonic FZ-N1 is the all-in-one tool your mobile workforce has been waiting for.

With a quad-core processor, angled rear-facing barcode scanner, warm-swappable battery, and multi-carrier 4G LTE with voice capabilities, The FZ-N1 is ready to go when and where your work takes you today. The FZ-N1 runs Android Marshmallow, giving you the ability to develop in an open environment with thousands of enterprise class applications at your fingertips.

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Panasonic FZ-N1 ToughPad
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