Panasonic FZ-X1 Toughpad Ultra-Rugged Barcode Software Kits

The Panasonic FZ-X1 Rugged Barcode Kit featuring TracerPlus Software is the king of rugged when it comes to mobile data collection with the FZ-X1’s 10ft Drop spec and ability to be submerged in 5ft of water for 30 minutes. The FZ-X1 kit boasts everything you need in a data collection system including 2D scanner, Wi-Fi, Camera, NFC, GPS, 4G LTE WAN and the TracerPlus software that ties it all together.

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Pairing PTS' TracerPlus data collection software with the super rugged Panasonic FZ-X1 barcode terminal, use this kit for a variety of mobile applications including Field Maintenance Tracking, Vehicle and Truck Inspections and Work Order Entry.

Panasonic FZ-X1 Rugged Barcode Kits Include:

  • Panasonic FZ-X1 Toughpad Barcode Terminal w/ Android OS
  • Wi-Fi and WAN options available
  • TracerPlus Mobile Barcode Software
  • Power Supply and Micro USB Cable

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Panasonic FZ-X1 Barcode Software Kit

Panasonic FZ-X1 ToughPad Ultra Rugged Barcode Kits

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