TracerPlus Desktop - Create Mobile Apps for Android, iOS, Windows

TracerPlus Desktop is a free design tool for creating Barcode and RFID enabled mobile applications for virtually any mobile data collection need. Common uses include asset tracking, inventory, field inspections, event management, mobile sales, route accounting and equipment maintenance. All applications can easily integrate with your pre-existing software systems and databases.

  • Create enterprise class mobile forms in an intuitive drag and drop interface.
  • Programmers and Non-Programmers - create mobile apps in minutes.
  • Selection of premade sample apps to get started fast.
  • Deploy to any Android, iOS, and Windows devices or tablets.

Key Features of TracerPlus Desktop

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TracerPlus Desktop is a free tool used to create applications that run on the TracerPlus Client. The TracerPlus Client is available for use on Android, iOS and Windows devices.

Need to Sync your Data?

TracerPlus Connect is an all-in-one comprehensive syncing tool enabling you to sync your TracerPlus data to and from most ODBC databases, Excel spreadsheets, text files and even SalesForce. Sync you data in three different ways: Batch via Cradle/cable or Ethernet, Wireless via Wi-Fi/Cellular or in Real-time providing data immediately to your backend.

System Requirements: Windows 7/8/10/11; 250 MB free disk space; A Device running Android OS, iOS, or Windows; Trial or licensed version of the TracerPlus Client.

Compatibility: Version numbers of TracerPlus Desktop must match version numbers of the TracerPlus client for interoperability.