Lind 450012 L10 Auto Shut-down Timer

Lind 450012 L10 Auto Shut-down Timer
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    L10 Rugged Tablet Auto Shut-down Timer can be used to automatically turn mobile equipment on when vehicle engine is started and keep on for a set time when engine is turned off.


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    What's Included:

    • Auto Shut-down Timer (450012)

    Key Features:

    • Automatically turns mobile equipment on when vehicle engine is started.
    • Will turn equipment off before pre-set time if voltage drops too low, preventing dead vehicle battery.
    • When engine is turned off timer can be configured to keep equipment on from 5 seconds to 4 hours.
    • Also disconnects power to equipment if over voltage condition occurs (+18V).
    • LED indicators for on, off and timer.
    • Compatible with 12V vehicle systems

    Note: Timer needs to be installed as the first component in the electrical circuit (prior to the power adapter).

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