EM Micro EMBP01-F171-H3100 Bluetooth BLE Proximity Beacon Tag, Accelerometer

EM Micro EMBP01-F171-H3100 Bluetooth BLE Proximity Beacon Tag, Accelerometer
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    The EM Micro EMBP01 Next Generation BLE V5.0 Encapsulated Proximity Beacon is a high-performance, customizable Bluetooth V5.0 low energy proximity beacon with an accelerometer for advanced functionality. The small and rugged EMBP01 comes fully encapsulated with a resin based polymer for protection against dust and liquids for reliable use in harsh environmental conditions and has been optimized for low-cost and ease of use.

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    The EMBP01 is compatible with all major beacon formats including iBeacon, Eddystone, and is compatible with Quuppa Intelligent Locating System. It can be stored in sleep mode for up to 2 years without significantly degrading the battery lifetime. When active and configured for 0dBm output power and 1 second advertising intervals, the typical battery lifetime is more than 4 years when active 8 hours per day.

    What's Included:

    • Proximity Beacon EMBP01 with Accelerometer

    Note: Volume discounts available.

    EM Micro EMBP01-F171-H3100 Features

    • Supports popular beacon formats such as iBeacon and Eddystone, and proprietary such as Quuppa Intelligent Locating System.
    • Extremely low power accelerometer can be used to activate beaconing on actions such as movement, taps, or gestures.
    • Secure over-the-air updates possible with all major mobile platforms in the field.
    • Up to 50m range line-of-sight (LOS) at maximum output power.
    • Battery life: Up to 10 years of battery lifetime - Battery Lifetime Calculator available.
    • Battery: Renata CR2032 coin-cell battery.
    • Size: 32.3 mm x 22.3 mm x 5.3 mm, 7g.
    • FCC, IC, and CE certified, RoHS, Reach and halogen free compliant.
    • Small, rugged, and encapsulated in polymer resin.
    • Weatherproof Enclosure (IP-67 Rating).

    EM Micro EMBP01 Fact Sheet EM Micro EMBP01 Fact Sheet

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    What are Bluetooth Beacons?
    Bluetooth Beacons are BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) transmitters that require very little infrastructure to setup and offer very long read ranges. Bluetooth Beacons broadcast their data to nearby Bluetooth Gateways to identify and interact with them. This enables BLE devices to be used in a wide variety of different applications, usually involving the tracking of an item or person. BLE devices are battery powered, and can function for dozens of months straight without requiring a change in battery.

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    EMBP01 Data Sheet EMBP01 Data Sheet

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