Panasonic FZ-X1ACAAZZM Toughpad Mobile Barcode Computer

Panasonic FZ-X1ACAAZZM Toughpad Mobile Barcode Computer
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    Price: The Panasonic FZ-X1ACAAZZM Toughpad Mobile Barcode Computer has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale. See related items below or Call PTS for replacement details. 1-877-640-4152

    The Panasonic FZ-X1 ToughPad is the world's most rugged 5-inch phablet designed for the most demanding environments with all the computing power you need in a handheld computer small enough to drop in your pocket. Built on Android 4.2.2 OS, the FZ-X1 lets businesses leverage their existing investments in enterprise applications without sacrificing performance and ruggedness.

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    Did we mention it is rugged? Thirty minutes underwater rugged. Ten foot drops onto solid concrete rugged. Built-in heater for -4° F weather rugged. Whether you throw it in a toolbox or literally take it into battle, the FZ-X1 can handle whatever you throw its way.

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    The FZ-X1 can be used for variety of mobile applications including Tool Room Tracking, Work-In-Process, and Warehouse Inventory.

    What's Included:

    • Panasonic FZ-X1 5" Ultra Rugged ToughPad Handheld Computer
    • Lithium Ion Battery

    Note: Additional products and software may be required.