UHF RFID Flag Tag ALN9629 1 x 1, Liquid / Chemical Tracking

UHF RFID Flag Tag ALN9629 1 x 1, Liquid / Chemical Tracking
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    The ALN9629 RFID Flag Tag is a foldable RFID tag that enables you to place it on multiple surfaces and materials and is well suited for tracking liquids and chemicals. We have seen great success in labs for doing CMS Management and Chemical Tracking with read ranges anywhere from 2-10ft.

    The RFID flag tag consists of a 3" x 1" Clear Poly Thermal Transfer Imprint-able Film with 3 internal perforations. Once folded, the tab will be 1" x 1" in size and white in color while the label ends are clear.

    We recommend using the RFID Flag Tag on the following items:

    • Chemicals
    • Liquids
    • Objects with round surfaces
    • Some metal objects
    • Other items that have metallic or liquid properties

    Note: For pre-printed/encoded tags, a minimum qty of 500 is required. Blank tags can be ordered for Tabletop RFID printers (3" Core) or Desktop RFID Printers (1.375" Core) at a minimum qty of 1000. Lead times will vary depending on stock and large quantities.

    Alien MPR-9629-FLAG Tag Specifications

    • Inlay: Alien ALN-9629
    • Protocols Supported: EPCglobal Class 1 Gen 2, ISO/IEC 18000-6C
    • Integrated Circuit: Alien Higgs-3
    • EPCglobal Certificate: 950110126000001084
    • Operating Frequency: 840–960 MHz
    • EPC Size: 96 - 480 Bits
    • User Memory: 512 Bits
    • TID: 32 Bits
    • Unique TID: 64 Bits
    • Access Password: 32 Bits
    • Kill Password: 32 Bits

    ALN9629 Full Tag Specifications ALN9629 Inlay Full Tag Specifications - PDF

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