Zebra SG-ET8X-BOOT1-01 ET80 / ET85 Rugged Snapback Boot

Zebra SG-ET8X-BOOT1-01 ET80 / ET85 Rugged Snapback Boot
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    Zebra ET80 / ET85 Rugged Snapback Boot allows for greater protection against drops increasing the drop spec to 5ft (1.5m).


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    Key Features:

    • Boot easily snaps on/off tablet.
    • Compatible with Cradle/Docks, Expansion Back accessories and Companion Keyboards.
    • Includes tether points to attach optional Handle Strap or Shoulder Strap.
    • Boot covers the tablet's two USB-A and one USB-C ports, but includes a flap with captive screw to allow access to the ports.

    Soft Handle/Shoulder Strap/Boot Installation Guide - PDF

    What's Included:

    • Rugged Boot

    Note: Boot is required when Class I, Div 2 certification is required. Boot ensures the tablet's three USB ports will remain closed and protected from use in hazardous environments. The boot's captive screw should not be removed to maintain Class 1, Div 2 compliance.

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