Zebra ATR7000-P1100A0-US ATR7000 RTLS Reader

Zebra ATR7000-P1100A0-US ATR7000 RTLS Reader
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    The Zebra ATR7000-P1100A0-US ATR7000 RTLS Reader has been discontinued and is no longer available for sale.

    The Zebra ATR7000-P1100A0-US is a new class of RFID reader offering advanced Zebra-only technology that provides visibility into the pinpoint location of all of your tagged assets. Now you can see where your inventory, forklifts, equipment, workers and more are located, and if they are on the move, in which direction they are moving. The result? Streamlined operations, reduced costs and better customer service.

    With its simplified configuration and management interface, the ATR7000 couldn't be easier to deploy. Multiple mounting and power options make installation a snap. Zebra software tools enable rapid development of your RFID applications - from a basic application at a single dock door to a complex application that covers every inch of the largest warehouse or manufacturing plant.

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    The ATR7000 electronically steers and processes several hundreds of narrow flashlight-style beams simultaneously, providing highly-accurate pinpoint asset location typically better than 2 ft./0.6 meters.

    What's Included:

    • Zebra ATR7000 RFID Reader with POE+. Power supply not required if connecting to a POE+ (802.3at) enabled switch. Users without POE+ will need to order Power Supply PWR-BGA24V78W1WW and Line Cord 23844-00-00R.

    Note: This item will be discontinued soon and is recommended to purchase part # ATR7000-P2100A0-US instead.