PTS Feig U500-DM RFID Directional RFID kit w/ ClearStream Software

PTS Feig U500-DM RFID Directional RFID kit w/ ClearStream Software
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    The ultimate encapsulated RFID Reading System that will RELIABLY report the travel direction of your critical assets.

    The PTS Feig U500-DM Directional RFID kit is the right choice to track location and travel direction of assets, inventory or employees. Not only will this reader save you hours in wiring and bracket mounting, a top reason RFID projects fail, but it also solves another common RFID issue in that it actually looks nice and blends in with its surroundings.

    Watch our Video review of the Feig U500-DM and Feig interview >>

    The Feig U500/270-DM is Simple to Install.

    Unlike most industrial RFID systems, the U500-DM can be mounted in under 15 minutes. Just attach the included bracket to the wall or ceiling and plug in the power and Ethernet cables. The U500-DM eliminates the need for multiple antennas to be mounted and multiple wires to be run to accurately track item direction.

    The Feig U500/270-DM Looks Good.

    Too often our customers love how RFID works but can't get approval because the solution doesn't look nice enough for their office environment. Watch our video and you will see that the U500-DM eliminates that problem.

    With ClearStream you can add RFID Data into Most Software Systems.

    ClearStream RFID enables the U500-DM kit to integrate the data it captures into any pre-existing database or software system ranging from SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access or even MS Excel. NO programming is necessary to integrate RFID data streaming directly into your system.

    This Kit Includes:

    • 1yr ClearStream RFID Single Reader Subscription* - easy to use software with the flexibility to capture and sync RFID data any way you want.
    • Feig U500/270-DM FCC RFID Reader - The modern designed reader with integrated antennas allows transponder direction detection in various applications.
    • Power Supply and US AC Line Cord
    • Choice of Sample Tag Pack

    * Subscription will auto renew after 1 year.

    Feig U500/270-DM Hardware Specs

    • ABS (UV stabilized) Housing and steel plate
    • (20 x 11 x 4) in. w/o mounting bracket
    • Approx. 15.5 lbs / 20 lbs with packaging
    • Ceiling (suspension or direct mounting), Wall (holder or direct mounting), Support of VESA MIS-D, 100
    • EPC Class 1 Gen2, ISO 18000-6C
    • US (only) Reader: 902 MHz to 928 MHz
    • Transponder Direction Detection
    • USB, Ethernet, 1x Optocoupler input, 1x Optocoupler output, 24 V DC output, 30 mA
    • 0° C up to +50° C Operating Temp, -25° C up to +70° C Storage Temp

    Feig U500/270-DM Full Specifications Feig U500/270-DM Full Specifications - PDF

    ClearStream RFID Software Specs

    • Stream RFID Tag data to Text, Excel or any ODBC database including SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access and more.
    • Fields of data collected include EPC, TID, User Memory, Reader Name, Antenna Name, RSSI, Date/Time, Start Event, Tag Event and Count.
    • RFID Virtual Site Survey allows for testing of tags, and readers in a virtual environment.
    • With the ClearStream Public API users can create their own interface to turn on and off readers.
    • GPIO integration allows the use of light-bars, buttons and motion sensors for with settable alerts/events.

    Learn More about ClearStream RFID >>

    FAQ and Support Resources for the Feig FGE-U500-DM-KIT RFID Kit

    Do I need software for my Feig U500/270 to read RFID Tags and save data?
    Yes, the Feig U500/270 does not come with software. Our ClearStream RFID Software included in this kit is a great solution for the Feig U500/270 and is easy to configure allowing you to read RFID tag data to the data destination of your choice.

    ClearStream RFID User Guide ClearStream RFID User Guide

    ClearStream RFID Quick Start Guide ClearStream RFID Quick Start Guide

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