UHF RFID Tag Sample Pack (Variety Pack) - Test and find the right tag for your solution

UHF RFID Tag Sample Pack (Variety Pack) - Test and find the right tag for your solution
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    When implementing an RFID System it is not always obvious what RFID Tags are best suited for your specific application. Testing the solution is a necessary step to ensure your application will meet your expectations. Our General RFID Tag Sample Pack contains various passive UHF tags you can test with. Each pack contains 6 different tag types in various quantities which include; printed/encoded labels for both on metal and non-metal items, a durable tag, a hang tag, as well as a unique flag tag. Browse to the Specs tab to see detailed information on the tags included.

    Reduce initial costs:

    • With a variety of tags that meet various applications
    • Saving hours of time researching endless possibilities
    • Working with industry leaders and their resources

    Note: 15min. tag testing support calls and Customized sample packs are available. Contact us for more information.

    Label types and quantities may vary based on newer/better tags becoming available. You may not receive what is pictured. See Specs for the RFID tags currently included in this sample pack.

    PTS PTS-RFIDPAK-GEN Tag Specifications

    RFID Tags included in this pack are the following:

    • PTS-CROSSWAVE (Qty: 5) - 4" x 2" Dual-Dipole RFID Label that can be applied to plastic / cardboard surfaces and provides a long read range.
    • PTS-CWAVE-MINI (Qty: 5) - 2.75" x 1.18" is a Dual-Dipole RFID Label developed and optimized for cardboard and plastic surfaces. Smaller version of above.
    • MPR-9662-3-1 (Qty: 5) - 3" x 1" General purpose label good for boxes, pallets, plastic containers, file folders and some electronics depending on placement.
    • PTS-4251758 (Qty: 5) - 2.25" x 2.25" Smartrac Frog 3D Pre-Printed RFID Tags are designed for pallet and case level applications, offering excellent read range and high performance for use in supply chain applications.
    • MPI Flag Tag (Qty: 5) - 1" x 1" Clear coated paper tag that folds and sticks out like a flag when mounted. Ideally suited for liquids, chemicals and curved surfaces.
    • SENTRY-M (Qty: 1) - 1.4375" x .4375" x .122" SENTRY-M Slim Hard plastic tag meant for use On-metal and will get better read ranges when mounted on metal. Ideally suited for IT Assets and server racks.
    • RFID Rearview Mirror Hang Tag (Qty: 1) - 3.5" x 3.5" Coated hang tag ideally suited for hanging on rear-view mirrors for vehicle tracking.

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