Impinj IPJ-R720-343 R720 4-Port Rain RFID Reader

Impinj IPJ-R720-343 R720 4-Port Rain RFID Reader
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    The Impinj Speedway R720 Rain RFID Reader brings performance, quality, and the reliability necessary for RFID-based applications you can count on every day.

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    With the largest install base of fixed RFID readers across a diverse range of applications and industries, Speedway Revolution readers are a powerful piece of every item visibility platform solution. Coupled with our ClearStream RFID software, the R720 Rain Reader delivers peak performance all day, every day.

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    The Impinj R720 reader is ideal for RAIN deployments that require processor-intensive, on-reader applications and high throughput of tagged items. It enables item-level, autonomous reading of connected items at dock doors, conveyors, and other transition points - for example, in shipping and warehousing environments, where items are in motion, densely packed, or blocked by other items.

    What's Included:

    • Impinj R720 Rain RFID Reader with 4 Antenna Ports and PoE

    Note: Requires Power Supply, Antennas and Cables to fully function. Please see Antennas and Cables tab.

    Impinj IPJ-R720-343 Specifications

    • 4 monostatic ports (Reverse Polarity TNC)
    • Linux based OS with 1 GB Flash; 1G RAM, Quad-Core 1.4 GHz ARM53 Processor
    • Multicolor LEDs: System Status, Inventory, Firmware Upgrade, Antenna Activity and Network Activity
    • GPIO: 2 inputs, 3 outputs, optically isolated
    • 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet (RJ45) w/ POE support; 3 USB Host Ports (Type A), 1 Micro Device
    • Support for POE and POE+ (Power Over Ethernet)
    • US (only) Reader: 902 MHz to 928 MHz
    • Transmit Power: 10 - 33 dBm (PoE+, FCC / ETSI Upper Band)
    • Small Footprint and Rugged Construction
    • LLRP Host Interface Protocol

    Impinj R720 Datasheet Impinj R720 Datasheet- PDF

    Protect Your Impinj IPJ-R720-343

    Your Impinj Speedway R720 Fixed RFID Reader comes with a standard 1 year warranty that protects you from manufacturer defects and access to major and minor firmware updates. The 3 year Warranty Extension adds 3 additional years on top of the initial 1 year for a toal of 4 years keeping your readers running at peak performance.

    R720 3 Year Warranty Extension

    If you wish to add this Warranty, Select the options above the "ADD TO CART" button.

    FAQ and Support Resources for the Impinj IPJ-R720-343

    Do I need software for my Impinj R720 to read RFID Tags and save data?
    Yes, the Impinj R720 does not come with software. Our ClearStream RFID Software is a great solution for the Impinj R720 and is easy to configure allowing you to read RFID tag data to the data destination of your choice.

    Impinj R720 User Guide Impinj R720 User Guide

    Impinj R720 Quick Start Guide Impinj R720 Quick Start Guide

    Impinj R720 Product Brief Impinj R720 Product Brief

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