PTS Zebra ATR7000 RFID Starter Kit with ClearStream Software

PTS Zebra ATR7000 RFID Starter Kit with ClearStream Software
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    The PTS ATR7000 RFID Starter Kit is a multipurpose, all-in-one RFID system including a self-contained RFID reader with a state-of-the-art RFID antenna system, and ClearStream RFID software. This go-to kit prioritizes ease of installation, aesthetics, cost and quality of RFID reads for your critical item tracking. The flexibility of ClearStream RFID software makes this kit a perfect solution to stream RFID data to almost any software system or database. The kit is also compatible with the PTS Cloud - the go to data hosting solution for most PTS RFID solutions.

    Common Installation and Uses Include:

    • Hallway Asset Cookie Crumbing / Tracking
    • Store Room Visibility
    • Retail Floor Item Level Tracking

    This Kit Includes:

    • 1yr ClearStream RFID Single Reader Subscription* - easy to use software with the flexibility to capture and sync RFID data any way you want.
    • Zebra ATR7000 w/ Power Supply and Line Cord
    • Choice of Ceiling Mounting
    • Choice of Sample Tag Pack
    • 3 Year OneCare Essential Service for the ATR7000

    * Subscription will auto renew after 1 year.

    Zebra ATR7000 Hardware Specs

    • Antenna: Steerable phase-array
    • Max Receive Sensitivity: -88 dBm
    • Air Protocols: EPCglobal UHF RFID Class 1 Gen2/ISO 18000-63
    • Frequency (UHF Band): 902-928 Mhz (US & Canada)
    • Beam Scanning Range: Azimuth 0-360°, Elevation 0-60°
    • 10/100 BaseT Ethernet (RJ45)
    • POE+ (802.3at) or AC-DC power supply rated for +24Vdc, 3.25 A
    • Diameter 19.0 in. (482.6 mm) , height 6.34 in. (161 mm), 11.1 lbs ( 5.03 kg)

    Zebra ATR7000 Specifications Zebra ATR7000 Full Specifications - PDF

    ClearStream RFID Software Specs

    • Stream RFID Tag data to Text, Excel or any ODBC database including SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, MS Access and more.
    • Fields of data collected include EPC, TID, User Memory, Reader Name, Antenna Name, RSSI, Date/Time, Start Event, Tag Event and Count.
    • RFID Virtual Site Survey allows for testing of tags, and readers in a virtual environment.
    • With the ClearStream Public API users can create their own interface to turn on and off readers.
    • GPIO integration allows the use of light-bars, buttons and motion sensors for with settable alerts/events.

    Learn More about ClearStream RFID >>

    Protect Your Zebra PTS-ATR7000-KIT RFID Kit

    Your Zebra ATR7000 Fixed RFID Reader comes with a standard 1 year warranty that protects you from manufacturer defects only. That does not cover any damage you do to the reader as accidents can happen. That is where Zebra OneCare Select Service comes in. This service covers your Zebra ATR7000 for 3 years with hassle free repair service keeping your RFID readers running at peak performance.

    ATR7000 3 Year Zebra OneCare Essential Service

    The 3 Year Zebra OneCare Essential Service is included with this kit.

    FAQ and Support Resources for the Zebra PTS-ATR7000-KIT RFID Kit

    Do I need software for my Zebra ATR7000 to read RFID Tags and save data?
    Yes, the Zebra ATR7000 does not come with software. Our ClearStream RFID Software included in this kit is a great solution for the Motorola ATR7000 and is easy to configure allowing you to read RFID tag data to the data destination of your choice.

    Can I use the ATR7000 readers in outdoor environments?
    The ATR7000 readers are designed for indoor use only and operating in dry temperature-controlled environments with a temperature range of -20C to +55C. The reader should not be enclosed in any type of enclosure as it may cause failure due to heat or may interfere with the RF signals.

    What is recommended mounting height for the ATR7000 reader?
    The ATR7000 RTLS Reader provides best performance and coverage when mounted approx. 12 - 20 feet high above the floor. For a successful deployment, a site survey of the environment and the choice of label/tag selection is recommended to determine the optimal height (see deployment guide for best practices and detail guidelines). Consider the Zebra label and tags optimized for use with ATR7000 reader to achieve best results.

    Zebra ATR7000 Quick Reference Guide Zebra ATR7000 Quick Reference Guide

     Zebra ATR7000 Integrator Guide Zebra ATR7000 Integrator Guide

    ClearStream RFID User Guide ClearStream RFID User Guide

    ClearStream RFID Quick Start Guide ClearStream RFID Quick Start Guide

    ClearStream Training and Tutorial Videos ClearStream Training and Tutorial Videos

    ClearStream RFID Software Community Support Forum ClearStream RFID Software Community Support Forum

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