PTS RFID Systems - Fixed RFID and Mobile RFID Tag Scanning

From Fixed RFID reading applications featuring ClearStream RFID software to Mobile RFID tracking solutions featuring TracerPlus, PTS has the tools you need to get your RFID Applications deployed quickly and under budget. PTS can assist you in configuring your RFID Applications to work seamlessly with your pre-existing software systems. PTS is a leading MOTOROLA RFID partner and is compatible with most Motorola RFID equipment.

ClearStream RFID - Set up a fixed RFID system in minutes to fit your facility and business needs.

Fixed RFID Freedom

ClearStream RFID is the only User-configurable Fixed RFID Tag Reading Software that gives you the flexibility to easily capture and stream data based on your specific business needs.

  • Fast and Easy Setup - get started in minutes
  • Stream tag info to ODBC databases, Microsoft Excel or text files
  • Perform an Inventory Audit of an entire room
  • Automated equipment Check-In/Check-Out
  • Monitor and sound alarms based on unauthorized exit

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See a clip of an RFID asset audit using the Motorola FX7400 and Clearstream RFID.

RFID freedom like you have never seen before. See how easy RFID can be.

Video of a sample rfid inventory with Clearstream RFID.

Watch a video of our latest recorded webinar on ClearStream RFID.

TracerPlus and RFID - perform mobile RFID inventory audits and asset tracking.

Mobile RFID

TracerPlus is great for increasing the speed and accuracy of your data collection processes by utilizing the latest in RFID technology as well as barcode scanning technology.

  • Drag and Drop app creation
  • Sync data to ODBC databases, Microsoft Excel or text files using TracerPlus Connect
  • Read and write to EPC and User memory Bank fields
  • Quickly capture the contents of a room

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The Evolution of Mobile Data Management: TracerPlus and RFID

The Evolution of Mobile Data Management, RFID and TracerPlus.

Create Mobile RFID apps in minutes using TracerPlus.

Create Mobile RFID apps in minutes using TracerPlus.